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Coby B Collaboration Lab Camp Amsterdam 2014 BACKUP
James L Document organisation: JL suggest new douments for all of these. 
  • Event Overview (Description / Theme / Philosophy (Collaboration / Mission / Core Group / Governance)
  • Venue (Facilitation of venue, including furniture, wifi, equipment)
  • Hospitality (Food, drinks, air con, well being)
  • Sponsorship (Vendor relationship)
  • Online Presence (Ticketing, FB, Website, Forum)
  • Hackathon Organisation (Projects, Proposals, Pre-engagement)
  • Open Accounting (Record of all accounting)
  • Roles, Attendees, Volunteers
  • Outreach: (Communication / Promotion / Philosophy / Open Call)
  • Address Book (Global address book to for Core group, attendees, sponsors, vendors, venue)
  • Getting Here, Staying in Amsterdam (Ride share, travel deals, Couch Surfing offers/requests)
Daniel H Collaboration Lab Camp Amsterdam 2014
Working title – see Name of event below.
4th to 8th October 2014
This document is forming a proposal to present to OuiShare, OuiShare Labs, shareNL and other Collaborative Economy communites. Feel free to add to the document and make comments in the main body. We should then work to modify comments into normal text so that they become part of the document.
  • Promotion
  • Website?
  • Facebook ( facebook page and facebook event )
Daniel H
  • Google+
Coby B
  • Digital media partners (Do we have any from our personal contacts?), bloggers.
  • We should ask ourselves where/how have we learned about the events we are going to, where exposed to? (Central info hubs - people on FB for example, people with lots of followers on Twitter, etc.)
Daniel H
  • What is a Collaborative Economy Lab Camp?
  • Collaborative Economy Lab Camp bridges coders and visionaries working on/in collaborative economy to create online sharing tools and vision future ecosystems.
James L
  • Organisation & Philosophy
Coby B Contact information
James L Main contact for all event organisers: collabcampamsterdam@gmail.com
Coby B Emails
Coby: cobynrg@hotmail.com / cobynrg@gmail.com
Amanda: jansenam74@gmail.com
Dorota: Dorotea@accorda.org
James L Daniel: 
James: lewis.james@gmail.com
Coby B Philosophy
The event lives its own concept, strives to show the way we want to see evolving from the event on words. Living those 5 days the way we ought to be living in our daily lives
Health: Water, vegan food, exercise, rest, breaks, walks. No coffee, no meat, no soft drinks, no alcohol
Collaborative participation: collaborations on meals, collaboration on wifi, everyone contributes to the success of the event
  • integrated, shared and collective care for our society at shift
Governance Model
Daniel H
  • This event is being governed on a "maintainer model". We are up for modifying the model and also adding maintainers.
Thadeus P
Coby B
  • Should we add here Dorotea, Coby, any1 else? Or the above mentioned are the main maintainers, or .... ???
Thadeus P Outcomes
  • Consensus based decision making
Coby B
  • The model is very nice when time is abundant, but we need a contingency plan for when time is in short supply as well. How does an individual knows, let's say in the time of the event itself, if she/he can make an 'on-the-spot'  decision regarding something that needs to be solved at that particular moment, without time for consultation with other maintainers, surely not with all of them (Consensus requirement).  
Daniel H
  • Why Amsterdam
  • City guide: Amsterdam – lists load of sharing economy organisations/groups in Amsterdam who we should contact. Thanks!
Coby B
  • Are these really the only reasons?
Daniel H
  • Overview
  • This event will take place 04/10 to 08/10/2014 in Amsterdam.
  • This event will be free to participate. Food will be free. It goes without saying we need sponsors for both.
James L
  • [DRAFT] It's a 'Lab' because it's a place to come and work on/develop/prototype collaborative economy projects. Perhaps conversation will spark new ideas which will inspire the creators in the room to prototype products, make art or etc. during the event. Perhaps people will bring their running projects to open them for discussion, invite new collaborators, test them on an interested audience, etc. Perhaps organisations will bring their challenges, needs, wants, hopes to the community to help understand how we can best assist and tailor what we're doing. 
  • [DRAFT] It's a 'Camp', because it's a place to for visionaries and creators to come and spend 'quality time' together without a conference structure. We will cook, and eat together. Groups and conversations form dynamically. There will be the option to stay.
  • Building bridges between sectors such as hackers and business people. Dispel fears.
Daniel H
  • One of the many aims is to make more Drupal developers (and users) aware of the collaborative (sharing) economy and issues of distributed and interoperating ecosystems/marketplaces.
  • We'll be using the Drupal Social Initiative to specify requirements for Drupal specific technologies and then run Sprints for this initiative within DrupalCon.
James L
  • If there is enough interest, we will extend to a longer period to make a temporary 'hackbase' to continue the work started at the camp.
two modes of hackathon: networking, doing. Doing requires preparation
  • Financial / Organisational issues
This is a collaborative economy event, what is our strategy?
When considering organisational issues, and particularly those that require money, we should be very clear about how we are going to organise. The whole point of this event is to introduce collaboriatve practices to a larger audience, like:
Crowdsourcing, P2P, facilitating self organisation, keeping management structures flat, realising solutions that use the giving and sharing economies.
For large organisational issues, reverting to 'old' style event structures (sponsorship, outsourcing catering, centralised large conference venue) fail immediately at the goals we are trying to promote. This can be acceptable if for us it is more important to promote the values of our event than it is to practice them at and for the event.
A great example of this is food. Feeding 100 people is a challenge, but we need to solve it collaboratively
Coby B
  1. The event is free to enter. This means that either:
  • Venue needs to be given to us for free, or, 
  • Venue paid by a third party, i.e. sponsor/s
  1. The food is for free. Free food, for about 100 people, 3 meals a day, for 5 days (4,5,6,7,8). Added to this is the aspiration of cooking together. I am truly sorry to say that all this together is too much to ask. To be able to enable people to cook for themselves as a community for 5 days, supplying food to about 100 people, requires an operation that will be bigger than the rest of the event all together. By that I mean personnel-wise, equipment-wise (kitchen, with all amenities, plus a lot of fridge space, etc), location-size-wise (place will have to be much bigger and include some kind of kitchen, or at least permits to cook indoors), and probably other 'wise's as well...
  1. One suggestion is 'Magic Hat'
  1. I suggest that we do not concentrate efforts on parts of the event that do not support the themes directly, and even if the Health theme is directly connected (for example), then we can do one lunch or two which will be cooked together, while explaining the benefits of that specific meal, and of a healthy diet in general, and then have a session about nutrition that people can listen to while they eat.
  1. This is actually very much in the spirit of 'Healthy(!) & Affordable', my own social business, one & a half months old ;-)
  1. Educating while feeding, feeding while educating, healthy but cheap food, free education.
  1. Last remark surrounding this matter: What about drinks?
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James L Collab
Notes on the harmonious hackathon
Publishing skills, needs, projects, values.
Making connections, allowing groups to form
Doing work
Profiling: Collaboration Profile, Mindset Profile (see others if you publish yours)
Skill visualisation:
1311 days ago
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1320 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by James Lewis , elf Pavlik 1320 days ago
James L Linked Profile Discussion
Aim during meeting was to identify the core features that would be required for a Linked Profile MVP.
(Need to capture stuff from the wall and paste here)
Profile is a communication point - 
        1) Profile content: Tracks inputs/outputs, requests/offers, members
                don't limit possibilities
                'you can publish whatever you want, but other people may not understand it'
        2) Subscription mechanism.         
        3) Notification
        4) Implicit profile creation to interact with another profile without having a profile, 
        Every event must come from and go to a profile
elf P
  •         I would like to discuss it in terms of daemons / apps, i see no problem that apps fetch public data from other profiles directly, also an app can request access controlled data directly without going through daemon (web server) hosting profile of person operating given app
James L         Portability - must be easy to move to another host
                - should not keep you tied to one host
        // Copying - must be allowed to copy any method
        // Replicating common types of requests?
        // Connecting outputs with inputs - i want to support a feature, this is what's required to do this.
        Profile Hosting
                ToS: if you host someone's profile you should redirect to another host if they want to move        
                Profile hosting recommendations (eg. domain registered for min. 3 years ahead)
        // Services & Aggregation?
                - app to crawl some set of profiles to contain 
                - notify original creator and he takes a copy or makes a reference
                Only a specific user can write to a particular profile
        Notifications - changes in one profile cause notifications to specific sets of users
Issues for resolution / deferred:
        Should profiles be for people only, or can e.g. events have their own profiles        
        Protocol for Client/Server communication?
        Protocol for event notification?
        Minimal language - 'is a', 'same as'
        How to search, query language
        Publishing profile in common format
        Fair Profile Hosting ToS
Goals for next few weeks:
        We're unlikely to solve 10% of the problems we discover, goals can be to solve a small
        Daniel to continue working on same project.
        James, build from simple use case, write To-Do's
Process - one check in in morning, and decide second check in in the morning when everyone will 
        check in at same time.
        - don't tell other people how to do what they're going to do. ask if they'd like your feedback.
1328 days ago
Auli K G+ event: http://goo.gl/wpZMJK we're back here in the original event because onAir didn't work. Sorry!
Auli K Participants
Alex, Auli, Daniel Harris, Daniel Janz, Dorotea, Gordana, James, Joachim, Helene, Henry, Maxime, Sam
  • Agenda
What's happened since Camp & Fest
overview recent developments and work done over past weeks
  • Budapest Banana project
James: Budapest project. Sam, Daniel and James Staying in Buda until 5th Jun, going to unMon, working on linked profiles and also our own projects.
Thadeus P
  • Labs in Summit
important! support Joachim with ideas for presenting Labs in OuiShare Summit
  • Hey; I'm also in Berlin!
Auli K Joachim:
  1. OuiShare duscussing its future plans in Summit. (June 3-5-8, Berlin)
  1. presentation to the ouishare crowd. 2 slides for each Budapest, unMon, AV etc. Everyone contribute what they're most involved with. 
  • 5-10 min presentation + opens up to a panel.
  • w/ food assembly ? BarCamp. Saturday.
  • Auli will coordinate slides. Helene, James, Henry offered to contribute (projects, AV, general ideas etc)
Thadeus P
  • We could work together on that via GitHub, just fork one of those:
Auli K
  • (Y) work session in Berlin Sunday&Monday June 1-2? :-)
Daniel would like to see a process by which we can define a clear statement of aims for OuiShare Labs and OuiShare Labs Camps once and for all! Because everyone keeps asking and I'm sure it's there in the group and website but we just need to get clear on it. ;-)
  • Labs = Labs Camp. Camp is just one version of the overall process. The roof, as Auli said.
  • What is Labs?
  • Labs events
Labs Camp vs Labs Hacks. Bigger vs smaller events. 
Maxime: I'm definitly for 2 big events/year + satellites events so that we can have a clear invitation for the community to gather 2 times a year.
Helene: Camp = ad hoc piggybacking of existing events. vs more sedentary. Labs = itinerant hacking
  • Labs spaces & related spaces
There's also interest in permanent, long-term co-working spaces
Henry: Assemblée Virtuelle preparing hackerbase in Fil Rouge (centre of Paris) for a semantic-web-dedicated permaspace
Thadeus P
  •  AV? Ah! What is assemblée virtuelle, by the way? A group?
Auli K
  • Group  of people / association that popularizes and builds semantic web, as I  understand, also looking for funding and spaces to facilitate that.
James: just finding spaces where people can go, publish the info about spaces available, and offer them.  
  • James up for coordinating a list of spaces and times.
Thadeus P
Auli K
  • Notes
(to be cleaned later)
James L Daniel considering making event in Amsterdam
Auli K Helene - define a type of direction to work towards. Sharing economy, transactional part; also creating distributed web, federated tools, and have this as the attractor to plug in or project. 
Helene: How OuiShare is helping projects emerge? Has there been discussions/statements in OS on this
Maxime: OS needs from the Labs: tech help for website etc, but they never tried to propose a vision for Labs. because nobody knows/understands what are the projects in the Labs. We should do what we think is the best for #collec
Helene: Ben had ideas
Maxime: dynamic is brought by project leaders. When we offer a project, 
Labs = pool of projects. Converging of sibling projects, that's what the value comes from.
James: interested in connecting with people who share similar values: sharing economy, nonprofit,
Alex: whether about meeting and networking, or about producing and identifying things that need to be done and try to produce them.
James L Distinction 
Auli K We come together to produce things vs come together to produce things. 
Joachim: Labs is inclusive
Henry: finding spaces, define where people can go to work. That's a connecting space, people with projects. AV pair-to-pair notion project, actor, idea, resourse
Development issues 

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